The project began as Alon found himself sketching other passengers on his daily subway commute. A few times, the subject would notice; thankfully only once did the subject become angry and demand the drawing to himself.

Uploading the sketches into Processing and using Arduino a controller, the project was presented as an “interactive subway simulator”.

first iteration

It was at this point the creators saw potential for it as a storytelling platform. The response from our peers was one of fascination; each sketch and character appeared to have so much life. What was she thinking? What music was he listening to? These are the questions the audience kept asking of the project in its first form.

Taking this feedback, audio stories were recorded in a stream-of-consciousness style — the author would spend about 30 seconds with an illustration, then speak his / her thoughts in the first person. The stories were then mapped to the illustrated passengers using Max / MSP, and the controller changed a user to explore the subway car by focusing in on specific characters.

User Testing

Technologies Used

Box controller handled by Arduino.

Visuals created in Processing using various 3D elements and camera manipulation.

OSC sending serial data from Arduino / Processing to Max / MSP.

Audio processing handled in Max / MSP.

Code here on github:


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